Around 40 years of experience

For over 40 years, Spielzeit has systematically collected psychological data and experiences from people with disabilities and/or illnesses, which today serve as the basis for our work.

This expertise also forms the basis of our consultancy assignments, in which we work with you to develop targeted solutions for your tasks or, if necessary, recommend other suitable specialist agencies and institutions.

Consulting focus

  • Advice for teachers, school psychologists or (special) school boards in the context of existing integrated special education or regarding the possibilities and limits of integrated special education for children with disabilities.
  • Advice for (remedial) educators for young people with neurodiversity such as ADHD or autism spectrum.
  • Advice for general practitioners or pediatricians regarding special needs of families and people with disabilities.
  • Training for (school) psychologists and psychiatrists specializing in families and people with disabilities.
  • Further training for psychotherapists of families and people with disabilities in alternative methodological approaches.
  • Aggression management: advanced training and counseling in non-violent and individual intervention for escalating challenging behavior(AGGRIP®).
  • Change management: Advice for schools, residential homes, employment or workplaces on special behaviors of individual caregivers or in dealing with clients in deadlocked situations.
  • Diagnosis (specialized psychopathology) for persons with disabilities, in which aspects of disability are not confused with mental disorders.
  • Support and basic concepts in the establishment of therapy centers for persons with disabilities.


Individual and team supervision

The Spielzeit mangement is committed to interdisciplinary cooperation with supervision to provide effective and helpful support for people with severe burdens.

Robin Mindell shares his expertise, developed over decades, on the therapy and psychological factors involved in the development of school integration or medical treatment of children with special concerns and shows therapeutic ways forward.

In addition to individual supervision, we also expand the existing knowledge of teams in institutions with new strategies.

Supervision in everyday school and home life

Unusual behavior can become more frequent in homes and schools. The consequences manifest themselves in despair and a lack of knowledge on the part of the environment. We support you in coordination, cooperation and targeted action planning or show you non-violent intervention options (AGGRIP®) for people with disabilities using the program developed by Spielzeit.

Focal points in supervision

  • Case supervision for psychotherapists in dealing with persons with burdens.
  • Case supervision in dealing with persons with disabilities for self-employed physiotherapists and psychotherapists, painting and music therapists and care consultants.
  • Team supervision and specialist team advice on special issues in dealing with families with disabilities in the fields of medicine, psychology, nursing, education and curative education.


Billing and cost sharing

We charge for consultations and supervision as follows:

  • Diagnostics and individual supervision are charged at CHF 180 per hour.
  • Group supervision (from 2 persons) and team supervision (from 5 persons) are charged at CHF 250 per hour.
  • We charge CHF 180 per hour for external lectures/speeches/training courses (excluding preparation fees).
  • (Specialist team) consultations for schools, institutions and public specialist agencies are offered free of charge or at reduced prices thanks to cost sharing by our supporting foundation MLFI.