Psychology and counseling

For 40 years, we have dedicated our work to young and adolescent persons with illness, trauma and disabilities and their families. With new and specialized psychological approaches, we are committed to providing psychological support and psychotherapy for special concerns.

We support professionals in schools, socio-educational or medical institutions and other specialist departments with advice and presentations on psychological issues.

All team members of Spielzeit accept physical and mental differences and allow them to coexist without judgment, because we are all “different”.

Spielzeit: Being cared for in an appreciative environment.

Spielzeit Team

Cooperation between independent specialists

With lean structures at a few levels, Spielzeit focuses on motivation, ideas and creativity so that new skills can develop from the teamwork of the independent specialists.

The aim of the Spielzeit team is always to support and improve the mental health and thus the quality of life of people with disabilities, illness or psychosocial stress.

Non-profit status

Non-profit organization

Spielzeit is a non-profit organization for psychological psychotherapy, which is supported by the Swiss foundation The M.-L von Franz Institute for Synchronicity (MLFI). The MLFI is subject to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations ESA.

Your donation is important

We rely on donations so that we can help adolescents with severe stress, illness or disability. No family should be left alone with a child or adolescent with heavy burdens due to a lack of financial resources and insufficient state cost coverage.

Find out more about the various donation options or use our online donation tools right now.

40 years of Spielzeit

1984 – 2024

Spielzeit celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2024. In the course of its eventful history, in which Spielzeit has repeatedly broken new ground, it has grown up in many respects.

We continue to dedicate our work tirelessly to young and adolescent people with illness, trauma and disabilities and their families. We do this today on the basis of four decades of accumulated experience, recognized Spielzeit methods and new psychological approaches.

New visual appearance

To mark our anniversary, we have given ourselves a new look with a suitable visual appearance and are also expressing what Spielzeit is all about in terms of content.

Our guiding principle

Whether sick, disabled, burdened, healthy, happy, other or normal: we are all unique and we are all a facet of a vibrant, colorful fabric called human diversity. With our guiding principle “It’s different to be normal”, we put otherness at the center.

Open evening

As part of the 40th anniversary of the Spielzeit, an “open eveningis planned next year for interested parties and friends of Spielzeit.