It’s different to be normal

Putting otherness at the center

For many years, we drew attention to our concerns with the motto “It’s normal to be different”. Otherness should be viewed from the perspective of so-called “normality” and this norm should be questioned. For many people, however, the “other” is normality – a reality that wants to be perceived, recognized and integrated.

After 40 years, Spielzeit has decided to broaden its perspective: No longer the integration of otherness into the “normal”, but the self-evident fact that we are individuals and therefore all “different” should now be expressed.

Whether ill, disabled, burdened, healthy, happy or “normal”, we all belong to the enriching diversity of human forms of being. This is why Spielzeit now places the focus on otherness, which is no longer oriented towards the norm but towards individuality. In this world full of uniqueness, being “normal” is just one facet of diversity:

“It’s different to be normal”.

Robin Mindell
Founder of the Spielzeit method
Job and Therapy Management
of Spielzeit