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To be different is normal!


For 30 years our organization has been treating and supporting seriously ill, physically and/or mentally challenged or traumatized children, adolescents and their families in times of need. Whilst doing so, we accept physical and mental differences and let them co-exist side by side and free of judgment. To be different is normal!


We are a charitable foundation: Children with registered disabilities and severe illness can profit from counseling free or reduced of charge.


To profit from a therapeutic sponsorship, an application needs to be handed in. Please contact us.


Spielzeit Psychotherapy
Spyristrasse 7, CH-8044 Zürich
Tel. 043 810 0 810 / Fax. 043 810 0 811


The M.-L. von Franz Institute for Studies in Synchronicity (MLFI, Zürich)



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«Danke, gut!»

Über negative Gefühle wird in der Schweiz wenig gesprochen. Das würde vor allem den Jüngeren nützen.



Jedes fünfte Kind stört den Unterricht. 

Die alte Zucht und Ordnung hat ausgedient, aber die Autorität kehrt in neuer Form in die Schule zurück.