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Over three decades of therapy experience


We welcome children and teenagers from age 1 to 21 from all social backgrounds, with or without illnesses, with or without school problems, with or without impairments. We treat, among other things:


  • depression or lack of motivation

  • attention deficit disorders

  • school problems and learning disabilities

  • blockages in learning and performance

  • refusal behavior in family or school

  • difficulties in connection with divorce or adoption

  • anxienty disorders, learning anxiety

  • experiences of abuse or assault

  • aggressive behavior

  • challenging behavior such as hyperactivity

  • specific disorders in connection with mental or physical handicap

  • problems with integration into the regular job market

  • communication disorders (autistic spectrum)

  • delusional behavior

  • developmental delays

  • stereotypical or other uncommon behavior

  • eating disorders

  • selfharming behavior

  • experiences of trauma (PTSD)

  • alcohol abuse


We now also offer 60-minute consultation appointments over the telephone.