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Spielzeit is a „partnership of ideas“

The goal of Spielzeit is to support and improve the quality of

life for young people with a disability, illness or psychosocial burden.


The playfully applied term “partnership of ideas” is borrowed from the legal term and refers to the combined efforts of various members to implement creative ideas. The voice and ideas of every employee are treated independently from their workload and equal to everyone in the organization.


The basis of this model is co-management and joint responsibility.


Strong teamwork

Spielzeit pursues the same goal in organizational matters as it does in therapy: creating an environment of autonomous collaboration. Thus, competences are created out of an autonomous teamwork of specialists.


Decentral organization

The responsibility is shared between the head of each department and the team management by vouching for the impacts of their actions and by their willingness to answer for possible future questions concerning the consequences. The advantage of this “even hierarchy” is the decentralized form of organization, in which all Spielzeit employees can act in a self-organized manner. With a minimum of hierarchical levels a strong team evolves.