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National and international networking


An internship at Spielzeit has been acknowledged by the universities and colleges of higher education for over 11 years. Our clients are referred to us through many different channels or institutions, of which the following are a selection:


  • Parents

  • School Psychological Services of the city and canton of Zurich

  • Regular, day or boarding schools in the city and canton of Zurich

  • Centers of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as well as departments of the Children’s Hospital Zurich

  • Specialist agencies (Krebsliga - Zurich’s cancer society -, early childhood counseling programs, violence prevention programs)

  • Schools for children with special needs

  • Parent’s associations for children with an illness

  • Independent pediatricians and psychiatrists


Close coordination with teachers, doctors, authorities and other professional agencies is an essential part of our work at all times.


Spielzeit’s range of network extends from Switzerland to abroad (USA, Italy, Germany, Israel). Moreover, we are involved with the ethics-forum of the “Schweizer Verbandes für Angewandte Psychologie” SBAP (Swiss Association for Applied Psychology) and the work group of the „Schweizer Vereins für eine bedürfnisgerechte medizinische Versorgung“ VBMB (Swiss Association for Need Adequate Medical Coverage).