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“Your donation or last will and testament considering Spielzeit enables troubled children to develop self-esteem and discover joy in life.”




Lara Gmür, psychologist


Spielzeit is a project of the non-profit foundation The M.-L von Franz Institute for Synchronicity (MLFI). It is supported by the foundation on the basis of “funding educational projects”. The joint interest applies to the topic of psychosomatics. If necessary, the MLFI foundation will cover any financial deficit Spielzeit may incur. Furthermore by partially sharing costs, it enables Spielzeit to keep its administration costs low. In terms of methodology,  Spielzeit is independent of the foundation. Methodologically Spielzeit psychotherapies are systemic, multimodal and tailored individually to each client’s needs.


As a non-profit organization, Spielzeit relies on donations. Your donation enables us to help heavily burdened, sick or disabled children and adolescents even when insurance or public institution will cover the costs. No family should be left out in the rain with a child in need due to lack of financial means. For over 30 years we have thus ensured  that families seeking help with a young person in crisis - regardless of their background or their impairment – receive psychological support when necessary.


Donations are tax deductible. At your request, your donation will be treated separately in our bookkeeping and reported on in our annual Spielzeit report. Controlling is ensured by the trust company KBT (Zurich), the auditors Lienhard Audit AG (Zurich) and the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations.


Which type of donation is a good fit for you?



  • Non-specific donation

    We are grateful for any and every contribution, for example in order to be able to purchase special therapeutic play materials.


  • Project donation

    Contact me if you’d like to get to know our therapy sponsorship project FörderUns. Thanks to this project, countless troubled children have been supported. The project enabled them to overcome their crisis, develop their potential and achieve social, academic and professional integration.


  • Testamentary grant

    Would you like to pass on the gift of a fulfilled life to a disadvantaged child? Then a last will and testament considering Spielzeit could be the right form of donation for you.


Ways to make your donation


  • Don’t hesitate to contact me with any and all questions.
    I look forward to hearing from you! Lara Gmür, Tel. 043 810 0 810


  • Request our documents here:

    Spielzeit annual report, Spielzeit information flyer and Spielzeit payment order.


  • Donate securely online via PAYPAL.

  • Donate via bank transfer

    You can also donate to us via bank transfer. Payment information:

    The von Franz Institute, UBS Zürich Römerhof, PC 80-2-2, IBAN CH11 0025 1251 8018 24M2 R