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We currently treat according to different cost models



Health insurance

Our psychotherapists are accredited by the Swiss Association of Medical Insurances «santésuisse». Our services are billed through supplementary medical insurances. According to your individual insurance plan, you might need a letter of reference from your GP or a specialist.


Unlike the services of basic insurance, those of the supplementary medical insurance follow individual plans of payment with different deductibles.


Private patients

Do you have a special request? We are used to working out special solutions for individual cases.


With a precise assessment of need we will try to assist you with counseling, a second opinion, an expert opinion or specialized support.


State invalidity insurance

We treat young people with various congenital defects up until their 21st year of age with psychotherapy. These services are seen as medical measures and are fully covered without a deductible by the invalidity insurance (IV).


Lack of financial or insurance resources

Families with ill or challenged children in social and economic hardships don’t always have the chance to come up for the necessary support for their child.


In such instances our sponsoring foundation MLFI, thanks to renowned patrons, can provide aid in times of need and allows treatment at lower costs or free of charge. To profit from a therapeutic sponsorship, an application needs to be handed in.


We are glad to review your eligibility for an application together with you.


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